Researcher and author, Brene Brown, conducted an in-depth research project into the phenomenon of the sense of worthiness. In a period of over six years, she studied hundreds of people who had the strong sense of love and belonging. She discovered that those who have a strong sense of love and belonging BELIEVE they are worthy of love and belonging. In this TEDTalk Brene Brown talks about what she has learned about the deep sense of worthiness.

What those who had a deep sense of worthiness had in common was a sense of courage: that word “courage” comes from the Latin “coeur” (heart) - having the courage to be open-hearted and imperfect. It’s about having the capacity to have compassion with Self; without being compassionate with yourself, how can you have it for someone else? Brown connected the dots between the willingness to exercise courage with the ability to live in a state of authenticity.

These people Brown studied fully embraced vulnerabilty: they believed that what made them vulnerable also made them beautiful. They talked about vulnerability being necessary; about the willingness to say “I love you” first; the willingness to say “there are no guarantees.” They exhibited a willingness to invest in a relationship which may or may not work out.

The key to living fully in our full-out vitality: the way to live is with vulnerability. Uncertainty. A willingness to risk and live with a courageous open heart.

We live in a world that is obsessed with numbing vulnerability. You cannot selectively numb emotion. when you say you don’t want to feel one emotion, you are also ruling out all the rest. When we numb the “negative” emotions, we also numb joy and happiness.

The human condition is having the choice of feeling it all. When we can allow ourselves to be vulnerable, we can also allow ourselves to be fully alive.

To your Joyful Loving Life!

John Gray is talking about the kind of communication that works in relationships.  First: your attitude matters.  If you are beginning a conversation with the attitude of judging someone else or changing someone else, you’re already in trouble. Remember: everything is energy. Thoughts have energy. Attitudes have energy.

Think about it: if you have the intention to change someone else, don’t you think it’s possible that attitude is contagious? That attitude will affect your body language, your tone of voice, the look on your face. That attitude will determine the results of your conversation, regardless of the words you speak.

If you want to communicate effectively, you first need to communicate authentically. That honest and transparent energy goes a long way to open the channels to communication that works. Otherwise, that other person on the receiving end of an attitude that is filled with an agenda to change them will feel defensive or guarded, or both.

Watch this brief video a couple of times. John Gray really knows what he’s talking about!

To your Loving Relationships,


Keynote and Motivational Speaker, Sheila Pearl, has just begun the journey!  Life Coach Sheila is about to jump way outside of the box and is launching her new career as Keynote and Motivational Speaker.

The WAKE UP WOMEN book is almost here!  Life Coach Sheila Pearl is an excited co-author in this unprecidented collection of guidance on living a happy, healthy and wealthy life.  This book “WAKE UP WOMEN BE HAPPY HEALTHY & WEALTHY” is co-authored by over 50 coaches, doctors, entrepreneurs, and spiritual teachers from all over the world; in this one collection is a virtual treasure chest of “golden nuggets” of wisdom, tips on living effectively and joyfully, creating abundance, living in the NOW…from over 50 different perspectives, shared in stories that are personal and life-affirming.  This is a WOW! for our times, folks!  Really!

Go to to get your free gifts, to explore your own options for being a co-author in the next “WAKE UP WOMEN” book, and to order your books, if you don’t get them directly from me or other co-authors in your midst.

Every day, I am forming new alliances with wise, intuitive, and powerful women.  Among the most amazing women who are part of my life are Laura Moritz, co-founder and President of the National Women’s In Network (NWIN) and Carol Ann Malizia, Chiropractor and Holistic Practitioner, as well as being one of the most amazing public speakers I have yet heard!  I am truly privileged to have these two amazing women as friends and partners in the various endeavors in which we are collectively and individually dedicated.  With Laura, I have co-authored “The Winning Connection”, soon to be released.  With Carol Ann, we are dedicated to transforming women’s health and wellbeing, and are working on ways to use our skills and talents in a team-effort to motivate and inspire women in the Hudson Valley and beyond. 

Upcoming Events in which I will be either signing books and/or speaking on the topic “LOOKING FOR THE GIFT”–the major thrust of my story in the WAKE UP WOMEN book, are being created as I write this entry.  So keep coming back to this site to check on the latest schedule:

Wednesday November 13 - 6:30pm    CHIROPRACTICE HEALTH CENTER, Newburgh

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Wednesday, November 19 - 6-9pm      National Women’s In Network, Central Valley

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During the next few months, I will be travelling to Florida, California, Minnesota, Oregon, and beyond–the itinerary is expanding every day.  So keep looking here for details, so we can see one another!

Blessings and Love


May 27th, 2008Check Out This Event!

WED NITE NOV 12 6:30 “An Women’s Empowerment Gathering” at the Chiropractic Health Center, Rt. 17K, Newburgh, NY  see:   Sheila will be talking about her new book “WAKE UP WOMEN BE HAPPY HEALTHY & WEALTHY”, as well as giving a mini-version of her “HAPPY” workshop.  There are also additional wonderful treats in store for anyone who attends this gathering!

WED NITE NOV 19 6-9pm at Cosimo’s Restaurant, Central Valley, NY: NWIN Orange Chapter evening meeting.  Sheila Pearl is speaking about the “Behind the Scenes of “The Winning Connection” with Bob Proctor being the Foreword in Laura’s and Sheila’s new book, coming out soon!  Sheila will also be signing her new book “WAKE UP WOMEN BE HAPPY HEALTHY & WEALTHY”…literally JUST off the press!  Go to: for more info…go to the “Orange Chapter” for details or call or email Sheila for further details.


A few months ago, at a conference in California, I met Greg Reid.  He was telling us budding authors about a book idea he had, and invited “investors” in this project.  I ran to sign up for this project, spending my last little bit of money which I had set aside for my own self-publishing ventures, knowing that Greg’s project was important and that my investment would come back to me many times over.  This book project is called “Three Feet From Gold” and is backed by the Napoleon Hill Foundation.  Among the 50 experts cited in this book is Bob Proctor.   This is a book that promises to inspire and motivate each person who reads it: it reminds us that “success” is just “three feet” from our most recent failure.  Just pick yourself up and keep going…just another few feet.  Don’t give up!  What appears to be failure isn’t failure at all–it’s just another step toward your success!  In fact, there is no such thing as failure…there is just “giving up”.  It’s called being stopped.  It’s called being stuck.  It’s called being blinded by the fear of taking just one more step.  Greg just emailed me tonight to report on the progress of the project.  They have finally chosen a publisher, and that publisher will be revealed in a few weeks.  It’s been an exciting journey this far, and we’re almost…almost…almost there.  Just wait!  You are going to love love love this book!

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Take a look at this book project!  You’ll see what I mean…


Do you know about “The Secret”?  Did you see the DVD of the “The Secret”?  Do you have the book and the CDs?  Well…I just returned from a week-long cruise in the Caribbean with BOB PROCTOR (of “The Secret” fame) and 2000 of his friends!

I am SOOOO excited!  Laura Moritz and I are completing our book “The Winning Connection” and I took the near-final “mock up” of our book on an extraordinary cruise to the Caribbean in October.  I had one primary goal while on his cruise: to ask BOB PROCTOR to write the Foreword for Laura’s and my book.  And…he said “yes! I will do it!”  We are currently waiting for Bob to complete writing his Foreword comments for our book, and we will shortly be launching our new book, in which we are implementing the Laws of Attraction in this spiritually-based approach to Networking, called Connecting.

I studied with Bob Proctor over ten years ago–he was teaching his “Science of Getting Rich” Seminar in the New Jersey area, at a time in which I was involved in a direct-sales (Network Marketing) health and wellness business.  It was over a decade ago that I began to learn about “The Secret” as outlined in Wallace D. Wattles little green book, written in 1903.  It was Bob Proctor, who had been studying the “Science of Getting Rich” for 40 years, who taught me these principles and propelled me on my own spiritual journey these past ten years.  That little green book which changed Bob Proctor’s life over 40 years ago is the same little green book that Rhonda Byrne’s daughter gave her a few years ago–that little green book was the ignitor for Rhonda’s search for “The Secret” as it had been known and practiced throughout the ages.  It was that little green book which brought Rhonda Byrne to Bob Proctor–and those of you who have seen “The Secret” or read the book, will have recognized that Bob Proctor is the most prominant teacher in this work.  Why?  Because he has deeply delved into the teachings of such philosophers as Wallace D. Wattles and Napoleon Hill–these seminal thinkers understood that the Law of Attraction was about VIBRATION…the Law of Vibration is simple: the vibrational frequency of WHO YOU ARE BEING will attract the same vibrational frequency of the Universe to you.

Laura Moritz and I have written a little book which we liken to “The Four Agreements” of Networking…or “The Science of Getting Rich” as it applies to Networking.

Stay tuned…some exciting stuff is just about to happen for us all!


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