January 27th, 2008Coaching is Very Important!


There are many more than 7 great reasons to hire a Life Coach, and if you go to “LifeCoachMary.com”, you will see that she has outlined 14 great reasons, which you may enjoy considering.  I am offering my 7 favorite reasons here, in a nutshell:

1.  Design your life to maximize FULFILLMENT

2.  Create CLARITY on WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU WANT in your life, and how you want to live the life you love

3.  Tap into your INNER WISDOM for your own GUIDANCE withdrawls neurontin

4.  To create more BALANCE in your life

5.  To challenge you to stretch and GROW in new and exciting ways

6.  To explore your Life Purpose and Vision, then integrate it fully int your magnificent life

7.  To fully engage the BEINGNESS of your life (often harder than the”doingness” in life)


As the Holidays of Thanksgiving, Chanukah and Christmas are fast approaching, are you filled with joy and anticipation, or dread and sadness?

Many of us are divorced, widowed, and/or empty-nesters whose children and extended families may be far away from where we currently live.  The close families we once enjoyed have become smaller or, for some, non-existent–at least, in the ways that we remember and have enjoyed in the past.

Every change in our lives–every loss and every addition–gives us an opportunity to look at our space in a different way.  Remember: “PERCEPTION IS EVERYTHING”  How we “SEE” things determines how we experience our lives.  Consequently, when we choose to expand our perception, to shift how we see things, we expand our awareness and our opportunities for joy and satisfaction.

Soooo…when you or I find ourselves ALONE (that “dreaded” word!) for the holidays, I suggest to you and to myself that we have this golden OPPORTUNITY to LOOK at this situation as an excuse to pamper ourselves and take full advantage of the situation: we could either invite some special guests whom we adopt as our “family of choice” or we could actually do something really radical and invite OURSELF to enjoy our own solitude in a very special kind of sacred experience.

If you and I choose to invite some special guests, we can make it fun and festive, reminding ourselves that we have invited these members of our “family of choice” and have the delicious opportunity to treat ourselves and our guests as royalty.  If we invite ourselves to our own sacred feast (because we CAN, not because we have no other CHOICE!), then we can choose to embrace our own quiet space as a “sanctuary” for either treating ourselves to a sacred meal in which we prepare something really yummy for ourselves, then treat ourselves as our own “honored guest” for whom we set a beautiful table with our best china and crystal, with candle light and flowers, noticing with mindfulness and wonder, each delicious bite or sip, the gentle flicker of the candles, as we enjoy listening to the sweet music we have chosen to provide a background of elegance and delight for our festive and sacred meal.

When you and I CHOOSE how to create our space, we have opened up a doorway to embrace our solitude with joy and appreciation, rather than with sadness or despair.  In choosing to nurture yourself, you and I will have enjoyed the environment which we have created, giving ourselves permission to have that beautiful space “just for me!”

You and I are worth treating like royalty!  Treat yourself like that royal guest at a sacred feast–and I will do the same!

One of my clients as inspired this message to you–it came as a request to provide some tips for how to approach the holidays when someone is alone, either as a divorced or widowed person.  My client is a talented interior designer and excels in assisting others to create beautiful environments within their homes and offices. 

I highly recommend you consult with Claudia Jacobs:  www.claudiajacobsdesigns.com  845-294-8993

In the meantime, I urge you to CHOOSE to enjoy your holidays, either by creating a new “family of choice” or by choosing to invite yourself to your sacred feast, and enjoying your own company! 


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