Do you know about “The Secret”?  Did you see the DVD of the “The Secret”?  Do you have the book and the CDs?  Well…I just returned from a week-long cruise in the Caribbean with BOB PROCTOR (of “The Secret” fame) and 2000 of his friends!

I am SOOOO excited!  Laura Moritz and I are completing our book “The Winning Connection” and I took the near-final “mock up” of our book on an extraordinary cruise to the Caribbean in October.  I had one primary goal while on his cruise: to ask BOB PROCTOR to write the Foreword for Laura’s and my book.  And…he said “yes! I will do it!”  We are currently waiting for Bob to complete writing his Foreword comments for our book, and we will shortly be launching our new book, in which we are implementing the Laws of Attraction in this spiritually-based approach to Networking, called Connecting.

I studied with Bob Proctor over ten years ago–he was teaching his “Science of Getting Rich” Seminar in the New Jersey area, at a time in which I was involved in a direct-sales (Network Marketing) health and wellness business.  It was over a decade ago that I began to learn about “The Secret” as outlined in Wallace D. Wattles little green book, written in 1903.  It was Bob Proctor, who had been studying the “Science of Getting Rich” for 40 years, who taught me these principles and propelled me on my own spiritual journey these past ten years.  That little green book which changed Bob Proctor’s life over 40 years ago is the same little green book that Rhonda Byrne’s daughter gave her a few years ago–that little green book was the ignitor for Rhonda’s search for “The Secret” as it had been known and practiced throughout the ages.  It was that little green book which brought Rhonda Byrne to Bob Proctor–and those of you who have seen “The Secret” or read the book, will have recognized that Bob Proctor is the most prominant teacher in this work.  Why?  Because he has deeply delved into the teachings of such philosophers as Wallace D. Wattles and Napoleon Hill–these seminal thinkers understood that the Law of Attraction was about VIBRATION…the Law of Vibration is simple: the vibrational frequency of WHO YOU ARE BEING will attract the same vibrational frequency of the Universe to you.

Laura Moritz and I have written a little book which we liken to “The Four Agreements” of Networking…or “The Science of Getting Rich” as it applies to Networking.

Stay tuned…some exciting stuff is just about to happen for us all!