Before the Fall season begins and I get crazy busy and can’t do this again, I want to give you an opportunity to meet me–either in person or on the phone.

Did you know that most Life Coaching takes place on the phone?

Did you know that I have clients in 12 states and 5 countries, most of whom I have never SEEN?

Soooo…it doesn’t matter where you are.  And…I am often on the phone as early as 6am and as late a midnight.  It’s one of the advantages of being over 60–I don’t need as much sleep, apparently!  When I was 35, I craved 9 hours a night. 

Here’s the incentives I am offering:

A 30-minute complimentary coaching call for starters.  That way, you can meet me, get a sense of how I work and we can establish a rapport as well as a plan of action.

For the month of August: a 50% discount on phone coachings:

      Instead of $120 per hour = $60 per hour

IF….you purchase 4 hours of coaching before Aug. 15; you may use those 4 hours any way you choose, in a 45-day period of time from when we begin.

For the month of August, a 33% discount on in-office coaching:

       Instead of $150 for each in-office coaching = $100

If…you pay in advance for 4 in-office coachings, which you may use any way you choose, within a 60-day period of time, from when we begin.

By taking advantage of this Summer Special Incentive for Life Coaching, you will be giving yourself a gift of good health, a jumpstart for emotional fitness for your Fall season.

Call me:  201-303-5990

The title of the article in the Hudson Valley Life Magazine is “Pearls of Wisdom”


It’s nice when you’ve lived long enough to have earned the status of “wise woman”…  In this article, the writer refers to “The Holy Woman of the Hudson Valley”–that’s me!  How does one get that reputation?  Well…”holy” isn’t what you may think.  To me, “holy” is another way of saying that something or someone has depth to it; in order to have “depth” and be willing to constantly go deeper and deeper, one discovers all the nooks and cranies of a person, a situation or a book.

“Holy books” are books filled with depth: depths of thought, meaning, and experience.

“Holy people” are people whose lives are characterized by taking risks, falling down, surviving difficult obstacles, learning from life’s experiences and challenges.

Sooo…having lived 66+ years to date, I think I qualify:  I’ve taken lots and lots of risks, continue to do so, don’t take the safe road, am constantly seeking to grow and stretch as a human being, and am unafraid to admit my faults and short-falls, am excited about new opportunities in life, as long as I have breath.

A great spiritual teacher and one of my husband’s mentors was Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel; he described “holiness” as “going deep” and the opposite of holiness as “superficial”. 

So for me, being dubbed the “Holy Woman of the Hudson Valley” is a great compliment: some people out there have acknowledged that I am a woman of depth, vulnerability, a seeker of wisdom, and lifelong learner, and a human being who is constantly passionate about life in all its aspects–the physical, the emotional and the spiritual. 

Could you describe yourself as “holy”?  And if not, why not?  Would you like to be?  Would you like some guidance on living you life more deeply and with a sense of deep inner satisfaction?  To me, that’s what living a “holy” life is all about.

Let’s talk!



Keynote and Motivational Speaker, Sheila Pearl, has just begun the journey!  Life Coach Sheila is about to jump way outside of the box and is launching her new career as Keynote and Motivational Speaker.

The WAKE UP WOMEN book is almost here!  Life Coach Sheila Pearl is an excited co-author in this unprecidented collection of guidance on living a happy, healthy and wealthy life.  This book “WAKE UP WOMEN BE HAPPY HEALTHY & WEALTHY” is co-authored by over 50 coaches, doctors, entrepreneurs, and spiritual teachers from all over the world; in this one collection is a virtual treasure chest of “golden nuggets” of wisdom, tips on living effectively and joyfully, creating abundance, living in the NOW…from over 50 different perspectives, shared in stories that are personal and life-affirming.  This is a WOW! for our times, folks!  Really!

Go to www.wuwbestseller.com to get your free gifts, to explore your own options for being a co-author in the next “WAKE UP WOMEN” book, and to order your books, if you don’t get them directly from me or other co-authors in your midst.

Every day, I am forming new alliances with wise, intuitive, and powerful women.  Among the most amazing women who are part of my life are Laura Moritz, co-founder and President of the National Women’s In Network (NWIN) and Carol Ann Malizia, Chiropractor and Holistic Practitioner, as well as being one of the most amazing public speakers I have yet heard!  I am truly privileged to have these two amazing women as friends and partners in the various endeavors in which we are collectively and individually dedicated.  With Laura, I have co-authored “The Winning Connection”, soon to be released.  With Carol Ann, we are dedicated to transforming women’s health and wellbeing, and are working on ways to use our skills and talents in a team-effort to motivate and inspire women in the Hudson Valley and beyond. 

Upcoming Events in which I will be either signing books and/or speaking on the topic “LOOKING FOR THE GIFT”–the major thrust of my story in the WAKE UP WOMEN book, are being created as I write this entry.  So keep coming back to this site to check on the latest schedule:

Wednesday November 13 - 6:30pm    CHIROPRACTICE HEALTH CENTER, Newburgh

           go to www.chcnewburgh.com for directions and further information

Wednesday, November 19 - 6-9pm      National Women’s In Network, Central Valley

          go to www.nationalwomensinnetwork.com for details and directions to restaurant

During the next few months, I will be travelling to Florida, California, Minnesota, Oregon, and beyond–the itinerary is expanding every day.  So keep looking here for details, so we can see one another!

Blessings and Love


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