Why hire a coach?  Who really needs one anyway?

Years ago, as a professional singer, it was unthinkable to proceed as a fully-developed professional singer without having at least one (if not more) vocal coaches as outside ears and guidance.  So for me, the concept of having a “life coach” is a natural:  if you want to play a better game of life, get a life coach!  Just like, as a professional singer, if I wanted to sing better and “make it” in the world of classical singing, having a “coach” was part of the basics of being the best any of us singers could be!

So…if you or I want to play the best game of life we can possibly play, wouldn’t it make sense to get a coach or two who could guide and support us in that endeavor!?  Of course!

One of my friends sent me a link today to Zig Ziglar’s newsletter, in which John DiLemme wrote an article “The Importance of a Coach”.  He talks about the importance of having a coach, PLUS talks about what to look for in hiring a coach for yourself:

“As you go through life, you will meet people that have done what you want to do in life.  They’ve made it!  You know deep in your heart that if they can do it then you can too.  So, how do you get to that level of success?  Get a coach!  That’s right…invest in someone who has done what you want to do in life.  If you want to become successful in business, then find a coach that has made millions of dollars by building a business.  DO NOT hire a coach that has never achieved success in their field!  Let me give you some examples of what you should look for in a coach.

“CONFIDENT — A coach must be confident.  He can teach you to become successful in your field because he has already done it.  Confidence comes through struggles and failures that ultimately lead to success.

“OPEN — A coach must be willing to tell you the truth even when the truth hurts.  Sometimes it’s very difficult to see that you are standiong in your own way of success.  A true coach will bring this to your attention.

“ADMIRABLE –  If you don’t respect the coach for what he has done in his career or personal life, then you most likely don’t want to hire him.  A coach should be full of integrity and well respe ted among his peers.  It’s hard to be coached by someone that you don’t look up to or even consider being a professional in the field.

“CONSISTENT  –  A coach must be consistent with the strategies that he is teaching.  You will see many coaches that jump from idea to idea because what they are doing hasn’t worked for their clients.  As your coach for references to that you can see if he has helped others implement strategies that have led to success.

“HEALTHY  –  Yes, that’s right.  A coach should lead a healthy, happy life.  you shouldn’t have to hear about how bad his day was or how much he doesn’t get along with his wife.  you want a coach that has a balanced lifestyle that enables him to help you with your obstacles and not concentrate on his own issues.

“These are just a few things to consider when looking for that right coach that will assist you in achieving your “Why” in life.  I challenge you to set a goal of hiring a personal coach, but be sure to find the right one for you!”

John Di Lemme is an international motivational speaker and personal development coach, best-selling author and founder of Di Lemme Development Group. 

Go to:  www.ziglar.com/newsletter/?p=796

As a life coach, I can promise my clients that I have been walking my talk and continue to do so every day of my life.  I have lived a long and full life, had a marriage that lasted over 30 years until my dear husband died a few years ago.  I have several good and close friends with whom I have enjoyed relationships for 20-50 years.  I have two stepchildren who have given me five delicious grandchildren.  I am in my eighth career, having re-invented myself several times throughout my six decades of wonderful life.  I have learned to bless everything in my life, especially the difficulties and challenges, as they are the gifts I have co-created which help me strengthen that inner muscle I call grit, determination and character.

Whether or not you contact me, contact someone you trust as your own personal life coach!  Do it NOW!