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2011 May |

Stay tuned to You Tube, folks… We’re on an very fun adventure as Mary Agnes and I take you step by step with me on this process of writing my book….

Cheers and blessings

There are two Talmudic sayings that guide me all the time: one is “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? …And…If not now, when?” Another one “If you save one life, it is as if you have saved the entire world.”

Here I am, at a stage of life in which many people are retiring and moving to Florida. Not me.

I’ve just begun to share my message of possibilities – that’s what this book is about. Now is the time.You and I are living in extraordinary times – I think more so, than ever before in human history. Really.

Do the names Ray Kurzweil, Stephen Hawking or Neil Turok mean anything to you? Well…if you’ve been reading Time Magazine or the New York Times lately, you will have noticed that Kruzweil (inventor of the Kurzweil synthesizer) is working on scientific technology which will make it possible for humans to live…forever…? Hmmm… and Hawking and Turok are quantum physicists, Nobel Prize winners in physics, who are talking about parallel universes…other dimensions of consciousness which are available to us – kinda like in the Matrix movies, or that TV show Quantum Leap… Sooo…we’re looking at possibilities right ahead of us which used to be in the realm of science fiction…but it’s no longer science fiction! It’s becoming science REALITY!

Do the names Burt Goldman or Tara Marino mean anything to you? Well..until this week, they didn’t mean anything to me…but I paid attention to stuff coming through my emails and hopped on their webinars. Tara has started something called “The Power of Sensuality” program, and as I listened to her introductory discussion, I realized that she and I have come to similar conclusions about the importance of Sensuality in our lives, for us to be totally engaged with our own vitality. And then…when I was watching the webinar with Burt Goldman (known as The American Monk), I felt this chill rush through me as he was speaking: he’s describing the experiences I’ve been having the past few years of my life – those experiences which have explained how and why I’ve got incredible energy, have a level of enthusiasm and creativity unlike any other time in my life, and how I’ve been able to access answers to questions, solutions to problems, and otherwise have results in my life which have been nothing short of miraculous. Burt is talking about those Parallel universes that Hawking and Turok are talking about; he’s also talking about the power of accessing all of our senses – the very thing that Tara was talking about earlier the same day I was watching her.

I am writing this book NOW…because it is all coming together through me, NOW.

A little more than three months ago, I paid attention to another email – kinda like the emails I noticed this week: that email was inviting me to enter a contest. I had seen similar invitations in the past, and dismissed them as a waste of time for me. I’m not even sure why my mind did that…But…in the dark of winter I paid attention to this particular invitation. I was being invited to be the “Next Top Author” in a self-help book contest. Hmmm…I thought. Should I? Could I?… Why not!?

So I plunked down my $97 bucks to register for the contest – which was also a six month course in how to get your book published – so I figured, I couldn’t lose. It was a win-win. I’d be in a contest and go as far as I could go…push myself forward, and perhaps I’d finish one of the three books I had been working on for the past few years…and get something done and out there. So I entered.

Then…the question: which of the three books would I enter in the contest? What did I do? Whenever I’m faced with a decision and need guidance, I tune into my inner wisdom. I get quiet. I meditate on the question: “which book do I enter?”

Quickly, the answer came to me (not what I expected, at all!):

“You will re-purpose much of what you have already written in the other three book projects, but this will be a new book which you are to offer FIRST – the first of many books which come out through you… You will use much of the material already written, but you will create a new format. You will trust the process. You will listen for guidance each step along the way. You will pay attention to the information that comes to you: it could be from movies, books, friends, clients, the internet, emails, phone calls… Pay attention to everything. It is all relevant. Don’t try to make it all ‘make sense’…just add it to the collection of material and ideas. Trust that you will eventually connect the dots.

“In the process of writing this book, you are also going to offer a model to others. It is a process of listening…of paying attention…of being intentional…of being open to experiencing everything with wonder and curiosity…of walking your talk…of being a role-model and messenger within the process itself, much like your book will be the ‘message’ inside of observing the messenger…

“You have received many teachers and guides along the way…trust that they will continue to come to you. Receive them all. Notice that word: RECEIVE. KABBALAH…Important word… Receive it all with an open heart and mind. It is All of the All. Trust the process!

“Here is the title of your new book, and with this there is no compromise: WRINKLED, AGELESS & SEXY” – You will figure out the subtitle, because to find the best subtitle, you will need to get clear about your message. That is part of your process. Now…go and have fun!”That was the intuitive message I received. Wild, huh?

After I received that message, I went to look at myself in the mirror, and what did I see: hmmm… Well… I saw wrinkles. Did I like what I saw? Not particularly, since I usually don’t feel whatever chronological age I am, anyway. So, looking closely at my wrinkles was a bit unsettling. But I kept looking: I also saw that “ageless” part of me… That part of me that laughs, cries, giggles, loves, creates, sings, imagines… That part of me that has no age and doesn’t have anything to do with age. Then…I kept looking: I also saw myself as “sexy”. Yep. Sexy. Sooo…since that would be a part of my book, what would I have to say about that? A lot.

SOOOO…What would be the message of this book?

There is a part of us that has a beginning, middle, and end – our physical selves. That is true and that is real, so the wrinkles tell us something we may not want to see: the clock is ticking, so make every moment count! Also, there is apart of us that has NO beginning, middle or end – that’s our “ageless” part. That part of us is even MORE real and true than the physical part. But…to experience our “ageless” part, we need the physical part to be an important part of the equation. And…the “sexy” part of the book? Oh! That’s all about energy. That’s about how we integrate our physical and metaphysical selves into something we call MAGIC! Yes…”magic” is what our life is really all about. It is NOT about time! It is about Magical Moments.

So my message is about how each of us can create magical moments right now! And keep doing it. Right now. Don’t waste time…TICK TOCK TICK TOCK…I haven’t talked much about how I have been receiving these intuitive messages, just like the one I received about the book project, for a long time now. But today, I’m telling all. Yep. I’ve been getting them. I’m not crazy. I’m not loony. I am human and I am a spiritual being having a human experience.

I’m here to share with you this message: your life is just beginning! Now!…and then…Now!Here we are, three months into the process of this contest, and I am one of the finalists in the contest! WOOHOO! Yes! I’ve made it this far! By the end of this month, the winner of the contest will be announced. I’m afraid to tell you something, but I will: I’m already the winner of this contest! No, I don’t mean that it’s “fixed”…I mean: I see that I’ve already won it! I see myself as the “Next Top Author,” signing the book contract, speaking at the “Celebrate Your Life” conference in Chicago in June with Mishka productions. I see it! Call me crazy… Maybe I am…

I’m excited about life – more excited than ever before in my life! And…in the words of one of my younger friends (age 42) who read the first section of my manuscript: “I loved it! …I’m so excited about getting older! I’m not dreading it anymore!”

Well…if the beginning section of my unfinished book could accomplish that little miracle, it’s as if I have saved the world already with this one precious woman! Yay!

Stay tuned…we’re just beginning!

Cheers and blessings

Mother’s Day has, for 46 years, been a painful day for me… I gave birth to one beautiful little girl. Her name was Daedra. She coo’ed and sang sweet little sounds every day of her eight months of life. Then…one day, she was gone. Our little angel was gone… My heart was ripped open and has really never been the same.

That’s a good thing. I had the privilege of giving birth to one baby who apparently came into this world wanting to experience being “wanted” and she was wanted: she was not convenient. I became pregnant after my first sexual experience. She was not planned. The pregnancy stood in the way of my plans for a career in opera. I decided not to marry the father. I was an “unwed mother” at a time it was neither popular, accepted, nor easy. However, I wanted this baby. I was thrilled to give life. I learned as a very young woman that “EVERYTHING IS ON LOAN”…

I learned as a very young woman to take nothing for granted — not one single day!

So…when Daedra died suddenly (a rare heart malformation), I learned that anything can happen any time — to any of us! I learned that whatever it is we hold as precious…cherish it. Hold those you love, tell them you love them, treat them with love and kindness…because you never know when you will have that last chance to experience sweetness with them. Really. You never know.

My heart ripped open, I wanted to have lots of children one day. That happened. But not quite in the way I had imagined: Aside from being a step-mother (OMG! Don’t call me that to my stepchildren!) to my husband’s children, I have “given birth” to many children: students, congregants, patients, clients, children of friends and family. Many of my clients (some the same age–or near–my daughter would have been today) call me their “soul mother”. Truly, I feel as if I am “soul mother” to hundreds if not thousands of children.

So, today is Mother’s Day. No one is taking me to brunch or dinner. I am no one’s “mother”… I am “step-mother” but not “Mother”. I am “soul mother” but not Mother. Sooo…there is a part of me that feels a lump in my throat as I recall my baby daughter’s little voice as she was gasping for air shortly before she took her last breath: “Mama!…Mama!”

I do long to hear those words…the words I recently said to my own mother when I visited her in the nursing home a couple of weeks ago: “I love you, Mama” I do. It breaks my heart that I am so far away from my own mother and sent flowers to her for today, instead of having the luxury of walking into her room and seeing her bright sweet eyes twinkle as she sees me and I see her.

If your mother is still with you, cherish her. Regardless.

If you are a mother, cherish your children. Regardless.

Hold each other and create magical moments now…


Love and blessings

Hello my friends,

I am sharing with you a letter written yesterday by a friend and colleague, Rabbi Elyse Frishman — the rabbi with whom served the Barnert Temple in Franklin Lakes for several years. She has eloquently stated the issues of Bin Laden’s death for us as Americans and as Jews.

Dear Friends,

I write this from our nation’s capital while attending the Religious Action Center’s Consultation on Conscience in Washington, DC. Osama bin Laden has been killed. The news seems incredible, and the reaction here blends disbelief (really??), the macabre (people singing “ding dong, the witch is dead” outside the White House), uncertainty (what does this mean for us?) and somber reflection on how bin Laden’s life changed ours forever.

He died close to the end of Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Memorial Day. Poetic justice?

One who employs and endorses violence should expect his life to end so. It’s no surprise that bin Laden was shot in the head while exchanging gunfire. It is surprising how we handled his body — washed according to Muslim ritual law, and then buried at sea to prevent his being enshrined. We can be proud that we didn’t mount his head or post gruesome photos. The bogeyman was killed. There was retribution but no vengeance. This was ethical warfare.

Should we rejoice? At this gathering of 500 Reform Jews passionate for tikun olam, it has felt uneasy to celebrate the death of a human being, even one bent on destruction of our world.

Had this been Eichman or Hitler, would we rejoice? Purim commands us to blot out the memory of Haman.  Yet even then, we masquerade. Our human need to celebrate the riddance of evil is disguised, as if to caution: don’t normalize this.

Osama bin Laden is the demon of our time. But his death doesn’t eliminate his achievements: murdering thousands, and legitimizing terror for radical discontents. The assassination of bin Laden may satisfy an American promise to hunt down the 9/11 perpetrator, but it doesn’t solve the larger crisis in our world.

What now should be our nation’s role to dismantle terror? It cannot be violent. The prophet Zechariah declared: “Not by might, nor by power, but by God’s word shall there be peace.” Violence begets violence. But mitzvah goreret mitzvah: one sacred act brings another. Going forward, our fight against terrorism must be the war against illiteracy, poverty, human slavery, despotism, oppression and genocide.

Should we say Kaddish for bin Laden? No. Kaddish elevates the soul to God. Bin Laden’s soul is weighted with murder. Kaddish is for the mourner, and we do not mourn this man.

Yom Hashoah teaches: Do not forget. Testify. Survive. Remember those lost. Cherish and honor the gift of Life.

There is no blessing to recite. Instead, this from Mishkan Tefilah, adapted from Elie Wiesel and Albert Friedlander:

“Let there be…silence.
The silence of death: the silence after destruction;
there are times when songs falter, when darkness fills life,
when martyrdom becomes a constellation of faith
against the unrelieved black of space about us.
There are no words to reach beyond the edge of night,
no messenger to tell the full tale. There is only silence.
The silence of Job. The silence of the Six Million.
The silence of memory.
Let us remember them as we link our silences.”


Rabbi Elyse Frishman

© 2008