Yep!  EVERYONE NEEDS A COACH!  You can’t see you.  I can’t see me.  We both need mirrors in order to see ourselves.  Each relationship is a mirror, showing us parts of ourselves that we might not notice or experience, were it not for the relationship.  Likewise, the Life Coach is training to listen and observe carefully and without judgment, to assist you to connect the dots of your various relationships and experiences you are having of yourself in your life.  The Life Coach assists you in seeing your “blind spots”–we all have them…like that place we can’t see behind our head, or to our left or right side while driving.  We have LOTS of blind spots.

All of life is about what we are willing and able to see.  There is no one reality.  Reality is about what we can see.  The Life Coach assists in creating clear vision and expanded perspective.  Most dysfunction in our lives comes from a stuck state of one kind or another.  The Coach mentors you through your stuckness to take action.  By taking action on our awareness, we then achieve wisdom.  The most effective Life Coach is also a wisdom teacher.  That’s what I do.