Everyday, I receive wonderful “reminder” messages from my friend and mentor, Neale Donald Walsch, bestselling author of the Conversations with God books. I recently received one which reminded me that I am the creator of my tomorrow, and the best way to ensure that my “tomorrow” is what I want, that I owe it to myself to IMAGINE what it is I want my tomorrow to look like.

Neale says: “…imagination is your greatest gift. Do not be afraid to use it. Imagine yourself as being okay right now. Totally okay. Imagine yourself as Whole, Complete, and Perfect. With nothing to change, nothing to improve. Imagine your heart as being open again, your life as if it were starting over in the most important ways. Can you imagine this? Then you have just created Tomorrow.”

I recently had a client in my office who is struggling to reconnect with her husband and create a loving and intimate relationship with her life partner of nearly 30 years. Her lifelong issue has been a challenge in loving herself. What I know is that until you can fall madly and wildly in love yourself, you cannot expect someone else to do so – not really. As Don Miguel Ruiz reminds us all in his wonderfully wise little book about love (The Mastery of Love) , until you can love yourself, you cannot love someone else. Until you can love YOU, every relationship that pretends to be love is simply a business deal that says “if you love me, maybe I can feel better about me and therefore love you”. That just doesn’t work, because there is no balance in the relationship. The “other person” always has the power; the one who needs to be acknowledged, validated and appreciated by the other is forever looking at the “other” to complete them. It is forever a business transaction. It is not love.

So I gave my client an exercise and asked her to “try it on” just for the exercise of it: I wanted her to repeat a specific statement for three minutes of silent contemplation, and then we would talk about what came up for her after the exercise. The statement I asked her to silently repeat to herself throughout the three minutes was “my life is PERFECT just as it is…” She immediately began to argue with me about the word “perfect”. She protested: “but my life IS NOT PERFECT!” I suggested that she be willing to be open to a re-definition of the word “perfect” and to simply use her imagination, keeping her mind open during the three-minute exercise.

“I can’t do it!” she protested. She was stuck on the word “perfect”… I repeated the invitation: “just imagine for the next three minutes what it would be like if you could see everything in your life right now as perfect…Just imagine it!” She continued to argue. She wanted to change the word “perfect” to “acceptable”. I did not budge in my guidance for the exercise. “Just for the next few minutes, I’m asking you to imagine that everything is perfect…” She remained defiant and flustered. Being willing to simply imagine something previously unthinkable became a major obstacle.

She reluctantly completed the exercise with me. After the three minutes of silence, she continued to argue about the word “perfect”. I used her intensity as an opportunity to observe her attachment to her “imperfect” life…

Before she left my office, I invited her to consider the possibility that every aspect of her life right now which is a source of challenge and/or upset is in fact some form of benefit and blessing…that there is a form of “perfection” in the adversities in our lives. Although she was really struggling with that notion, she agrees to consider that thought.

So, what about you? Have you considered the possibility that whatever difficulties you are facing today may actually be one of your greatest blessings – you may not see that today, nor be able to acknowledge that today. However, if you think back on other times in your life when you were challenged, is it possible that you see some benefit or gift that came out of your prevailing?

I am inviting you to use your imagination today: imagine that your life is Whole, Complete and Perfect just the way it is today, and that your life is filled with blessings you cannot even see at the moment, but you imagine the certainty that they are there, nonetheless. Imagine it! That…is your Tomorrow.

Thank you Neale! Visit Neale at www.NealeDonaldWalsch.com

With love and blessings,